Monday, August 31, 2009

Traveling home.

Recently I went back to my home. I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends while there... and of course I enjoyed the art and the vibe of the city.

Check it out:

The road "home" (actually to my grandfather's house):

(I'm a city girl from country stock)

Here is some of the art from the an exhibit at the Nelson-Adkins titled "Beloved Daughters":

This exhibit was one of the most powerful I have seen. The artist did research and interviews to better understand the life experiences of women and girls in India. The exhibition is eye-opening. If you live in KC I suggest you check it out before it ends. Also, you can see the exhibit online here.

Next I went and saw an exhibit entitled "black is, black ain't" at the H&R Block art space here are some highlights:

This one is called "It's About Time"; I can't help but think it looks a lot like Obama's hand :)

Next I visited the Byron C. Cohen gallery and viewed paintings by Deng Wushu entitled "Through the Eyes of a Child":

On Monday I tried to go to the Town Hall meeting with Claire Mccaskill about Health Care Reform. I didn't get in because I was too late, but I did get to experience the vibe by seeing all the people with signs outside the building:

And to wrap it all up, here is some graffiti on a wall off 19th street in the cross-roads:

Much peace.

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  1. It's a shame I won't it to the exhibit before it ends. The last photo is something I enjoy battling each day (with a vengence!).

    Is it weird that I thought the first photo of the little girl was possibly a childhood photo of you? :)

    Pete | The Tango Notebook