Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a....

Well Marcial and I found out on Vday what we are having!  We also found out that the baby is within the 63rd percentile for weight and does not have a cleft palate/lip.  However, the technologist could not see the baby's spine because of the way it was lying so we have to go back to look at the spine and the kidneys.

Finding out the sex was much more emotional that I had considered it being.  I think I had myself pretty well convinced that I was ok with either gender, however, when the time came I was very nervous. When we found out the tears came (happy or sad, yet to come...).  The whole experience has been very emotional.

I have been surprised to see how many women come and go to the appointments without anyone else.  I wonder if they have just done it all before and don't feel they need a support person, or if they don't have someone they can rely on.  I am sure there are both of those aspects at every clinic.

I am thankful that my husband has the time to come with me, and so thankful that I am in a strong healthy relationship so that I can feel supported as well as share in the joy/angst/anticipation of this whole process with someone.

Marcial and I in Houston last year.

I am also so lucky to have other support people, especially my mom, my sister, and my friend Annie.

Marcial and my wedding 2011

We are announcing the sex at the baby shower so until then it's a SURPRISE!  In the meantime enjoy some ultrasound pictures: 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The road to revolution...

Below is one of my favorite pictures from the Peace Corps. I can't believe it has been 2.5 years since I have come back to the states. That time was such a challenging time, but reflecting on it makes me feel stronger and definitely nostalgic.

 I was 22 years old when I went into the Peace Corps; that is younger than my sister! I can't believe all that has transpired since I have been back. I have been in and out of relationships, changed careers, moved three times, lost my beautiful grandmother, met a wonderful man from across the ocean who just happened to be taking a chemistry class right next to mine. Married that man within six months of knowing him :) and here I am pregnant expecting in June! This baby will be the first biracial/bicultural baby in either of our families, more to come on that later I am sure.

 Of course this blog is all about making what you want a tangible reality and what I want is a healthy family that is inspired every day to contribute to the happiness of each other and the well being of the world around them. I want a career that I enjoy and in which I can make a real contribution to society. More to come on all of these... until then, please enjoy the pictures below :)

  My kids from Mason Hall, St. Mary, Jamaica (this is 4 years ago!!)

My husband and I with my sister's dog, Savannah.

My grandmother in between her brothers.